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Take a fishing boat to the Isla de Lobos

The adventure includes a boat trip to the Isla de Lobos, fishing and snorkelling

It may be the clear waters, the sound of the wind hitting the line, the fish jumping, the tranquillity of silence, the challenge of catch… There are many reasons why fishing is a sport that captivates. Anyone who has tried it once will do it again. Enjoy this activity (suitable for all ages and abilities) accompanied by experienced sailors. The adventure includes a boat trip to the Isla de Lobos, fishing, snorkelling and enjoying your own catch cooked in the traditional Majorero style.

The experts recommend getting an early start in order to catch the best fish, so we will have to do as they say. At 8 a.m. you will be picked up at Bahiazul and taken to the little port of Corralejo.

There, a small fishing boat will be waiting for you and while headed to the Isla de Lobos, located two kilometres from Fuerteventura, you will try your hand at trawling, a method developed for trying to catch the biggest fish. Then, our captains will take you to a strategic location where you can try bottom fishing. There you will have to prove your real fishing skills… although quiet, we guarantee that there will always be a catch. Toothed sparus, parrotfish, blacktail comber, saddled seabream, sand smelt…

* Private experience from € 450
Individual experience from € 60 per person. Subject to availability and with a minimum of 4 people per excursion.

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