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Surf in the European Hawaii

Learn to surf world class waves in Fuerteventura

You cannot control the sea, but you can learn to surf. This adventure sport lets you experience direct contact with nature and its energy so you can enjoy a healthy, fun, energetic and out of the ordinary lifestyle. Each surf day will be unique.

Surf year round in the so-called European Hawaii

on crystal clear and warm waters with 300 days of sunshine a year.

Whatever your level or age, learn to ride the waves of Fuerteventura with custom classes and an outstanding equipment.

The best boards, high end Billabong wetsuits, the most innovative inventions and keels on the market will ensure you get the most out your workouts and will make an unforgettable experience.

Groups include a maximum of 6 people because, as every detail counts, we prefer to offer personalised monitoring for every student so they learn as much as possible.

Your course will begin on the sand with a brief introduction to the basics of this discipline. In addition, at this point, the level and goals for each session will be established. And then, off to the sea. Are you in?

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