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Revitalise your Mind and Body in our Spa.

Our sanctuary for the body and senses is an oriental inspired oasis of well-being. The decoration, lighting, sounds and smells will take you to a world of sensations where every visit will help you to recover the harmony between your mind, body and soul.

The treatment zone is an area dedicated to holistic rejuvenation, in a contemporary environment which provides calmness and comfort. Divided into individual, equipped rooms which are decorated in line with oriental traditions and wisdom, and in double rooms for those that would like to enjoy this with their partner.

Discover the beauty of the traditions of Oriental and Western cultures, by letting our treatments of age-old rituals transport you around the world.
Our therapists combine the appropriate techniques, based on the holistic principles of all-round well-being, in order to achieve balance between the body and soul. They work in all areas and turn each therapy into an unforgettable moment.

On our list of Spa services you can choose between massages and natural aesthetic treatments, which use aromatic oils, herbs, salt, seaweed and spices which have been used since the age of time.

The Bahiazul Spa stands for natural cosmetics. All of the products have been meticulously selected to assure the highest quality of their ingredients, as well as to revitalise and recover balance, take away tension and re-establish peace and harmony.
The facial and body lines in our spa are created exclusively from the synergy of the most diverse mixtures, Aloe Vera, seaweed extract, the extract of essential oils from plants and herbs:

BIOMER: where nature and biotechnology come together to create natural cosmetics thanks to the beneficial products from the sea.

ILA: where it is possible to reach purity, energy and balance in life with a cosmetic line which uses the best natural ingredients from plants and minerals; improving natural beauty through health and increasing well-being by transforming the effects of healing energy in order to reach serenity.

The regional products, made primarily from resources which are naturally available on the Canary Islands (Aloe Vera, volcanic rock, salt and malmsey), provide an added value to the relaxation and health.

During the well-being circuit you can spoil your body in the wooden treatment cabins, made in the most authentic Balinese style, you can also enjoy a sensations shower, a Turkish bath, a sauna and a whirlpool bath. To end the day of true relaxation, you can enjoy the relaxing area, with an aromatic tea or a herbal infusion.

Book the well-being circuit in order to guarantee privacy.

Spa Hours:

From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.