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General Terms and Conditions

I. The system

  1. The Bahiazul Villas & Club online booking system allows making real-time reservations for the Bahiazul Villas & Club, for any time of the year, in accordance with the conditions set out below.
  2. If paying for a booking with a credit card, it is essential to provide the card number and, if requested, its security code in order to confirm and guarantee your reservations, along with a contact telephone number and email address so you can receive information concerning the status of reservations.
  3. All rates and promotions are subject to their own sales conditions, as posted. You can find these conditions on the Bahiazul Villas & Club website

II. Bookings

  1. To confirm the booking, a security deposit in the amount of 30% of the total value of the booking indicated by the system is required as a provision for the cost of preparations and arrangements made before arrival at the Villa and its individual facilities.
  2. Only one Villa may be reserved per transaction.

    Villas will be reserved for a minimum of 1 occupant and a maximum of 6, as a general rule.

    Babies under 2 years old imply no additional cost. The child age to be entered when consulting prices and/or final reservation is the child’s age on the date of arrival at the hotel and must be the one specified in your identity document. The hotel can request a valid passport/identity card. In case of not presenting a valid document or that the age does not correspond with the data of the reservation, during the check in, the hotel reserves the right to request the payment of the adult supplement.
    Babies ages: Up to 2 years (included).
    Children ages: From 3 to 11 years (included).
    Adults ages: 12 years and above.
  3. The minimum stay is of 4 nights. In high season (Easter, Summer, Christmas) the minimum stay is 7 nights.
  4. Experiences (excursions, services and adventures) contracted through the website or via email are 100% non-refundable. In the event of inability to attend, 100% of the amount will be charged to the client's account.
  5. Gift Voucher:

    The Gift vouchers are exclusively only for the customers linked to the reservation from which the cheque derives. They are not refundable or cumulative for future stays or other offers.

    Only one gift voucher can be offered / given per stay or booking, and they are only valid when is booked from the website or through our Call Center: +34 928 492 505.

    The gift vouchers will be only valid to be used in our Spa, Restaurant & Bikini Club Bar. and need to be used during the stay. They cannot be sold or exchanged for cash or trade for extra consumptions, excursions or upgrades.

    The gift vouchers can be only used by the person linked to the reservation and cannot be given or used to any other person.

    In case that the reservation is cancelled, the Gift Voucher will be also canceled as well and will be invalid.

    Bahiazul owns the right to cancel at anytime the Gift Voucher program.

    Below can be found the Gift Voucher value in euros calculated depending of the Reservation cost per booking, please follow it as reference:

    Reservation cost Gift Voucher Value
    Less than 1.500,00 € 50,00 €
    Between 1.501 € and 2.000 € 75,00 €
    Between 2.001 € and 2.500 € 100,00 €
    More than 2.501 € 125,00 €

III. Booking Confirmation

  1. The system will provide the booking information and a “locator” code, to be used for any further operations or communication.
  2. The booking confirmation, provided by the system, will be subject to the validation of the credit card information or, if applicable, receipt of the wire transfer. Therefore, if there are any errors in the credit card information provided, the booking will be cancelled.

    Bookings made by wire transfer will provisionally be considered pending until the wire transfer to the Bahiazul Villas & Club account is confirmed.

    You will receive the details regarding the validity of the pre-booking in the confirmation email sent by Bahiazul Villas & Club upon receiving your request.

    When checking “Availability and price” and in the “Booking Confirmation”, the total cost of your stay will be displayed.
  3. Availability is only guaranteed for reservations made through the direct payment system (ex: credit or debit card online or Paypal).
  4. The company reserves the right to correct the content of a reservation if an misprint or obvious error (Eg .: in customer confirmation appeares a concept that has not been selected or paid for) is evident.

IV. Booking modification and cancellation, and no-shows

  1. You may change a confirmed booking’s arrival and departure dates, the type of Villa chosen, the selected rate (depending on those available at the time of the change) and other booking data, provided the new booking conditions are available.

    It will also be understood as a variation the reduction or increase in the number of villas, number of people or nights or changing the customer’s name and modification of dates of travel. Consult Bahiazul Villas & Club for the new conditions and supplements for your booking. Some rates are directly related to the number of nights booked, so any change may increase the daily price of the remaining nights. You are advised to consult the special conditions in the reservations department Bahiazul Villas Club by e-mail to

    In a confirmed reservation a management fee might be added. If changes are made that reduce the total cost of the booking, the confirmation will be validated upon check in at the Reception.

    Any amendment must be communicated by e-mail to, with a minimum of 48 hours prior to arrival.
  2. If cancellation is made 60 days before the arrival date the full amount of the deposit will be refunded. If cancellation is made from 7 to 59 days before the arrival date your deposit can be applied to a future booking for a period of 12 months. If cancellation is made 6 days before arrival or if the guest is a no-show, the full amount of booking will be charged.

    The full amount of the reservation deposit will not be refunded, in stays during Easter, Summer (10 July - 15 September) and Christmas (23 December - 04 January) seasons.
  3. Once already checked-in, a reservation cannot be modified or cancelled, so if the customer decides to shorten his stay or modify any of the details of his booking (number of nights, number of guests, villa or board type, etc.), he will not be entitled to any refund.
  4. The conditions of cancellation shall not be valid for rates included in special offers and promotions, in which cases the particular clauses corresponding to these offers and promotions shall apply.
  5. These conditions shall only apply to end-clients. Under no circumstance shall these conditions apply to agencies or intermediaries.

V. General

  1. Performing any operation implies full acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.
  2. These conditions are generally applicable, except for those promotions that list specific conditions for cancellation, modification or refund, other than the foregoing.
  3. The rates shown include the taxes applicable under law at the date of publication. Any variation in the applicable tax groups, bases or rates shall be subsequently reflected in the final price of the service, when it is paid.

    The prices shown do not include taxes from those regional or local authorities that establish specific rates for stays in tourist establishments located within their Autonomous Communities. As a general rule, those fees shall be paid directly by the customer prior to his or her departure from the property.
  4. Once check-in is complete, the total amount for the stay must be paid in full. A credit/debit card must be provided as a guarantee.
  5. Dress code: Buffet Breakfast: Informal. Buffet Dinner: formal; gentlemen and youngsters from 12 years long trousers, sleeve t-shirts and closed shoes.
  6. Drinks are not included during dinner service for guests with half board.
  7. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to perform any operation.
  8. There are a limited number of villas which have a connecting door between the master bedroom and the second bedroom (which is commonly used for children). We cannot guarantee the availability of this type of villa unless the customer sends a request by e-mail at least 20 days before arrival and pays the extra €15/day charge at check-in.
  9. We have a limited number of south-facing villas. We cannot guarantee availability except for those customers who request one by email at least 20 days in advance of their arrival, and pay the supplement of €15 per day for the duration of their stay upon check-in.
  10. Bahiazul Villas & Club reserves the right to enforce liability for the misuse of this system or breach of the provisions contained in these General Terms and Conditions.
  11. The user shall be solely liable if the service is used in a defective, partial or erroneous manner, or if anyone acting on his or her behalf or on their own uses the procedures and his or her password.
  12. The material on this Bahiazul Villas & Club website is copyrighted and is the property of Bahiazul Villas & Club. Access to the website does not imply a license to reproduce and/or distribute. This is not permitted without the written consent of Bahiazul Villas & Club.
  13. Should any dispute arise, the parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Fuerteventura
  14. Bahiazul Villas & Club is not liable for any disruption, failure or inaccessibility for any other reason of the operating system that may occur due to disruptions, failures or the inaccessibility of any telecommunications services or other accessories, unrelated to this entity and required for the operation thereof.
  15. No pets allowed.